I am Christian Conservative

All people are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.  This is a Christian-based principle upon which our country was founded.

And, as a Christian, I support individual life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, and a government of, by, and for the people.

I am Pro-Life

Life is sacred and, as science affirms, begins at conception.  The terms "embryo" and "fetus" do not refer to non-humans, but to humans in a specific stage of development.

Abortions do not terminate a pregnancy, they terminate a life.  I am against the termination of life.

I Support the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment does not grant the right for people to keep and bear arms. It exists solely for the purpose of restricting the government from infringing upon that right.

I support the Second Amendment.

I am Anti-Illegal Immigration

I support legal immigration and the notion that anyone can seek to better themselves and their opportunity.

I do not support sanctuary cities or illegal immigration that robs those who seek citizenship through honest and lawful methods.  I support enforcing our laws and protecting our borders.

I am for Fiscal Responsibliity

I am an advocate for less spending, smaller government, and a balanced budget.  Like individual responsibility, fiscal responsibility provides power for freedom and liberty.

Debt only adds cost, steals from the future, stifles growth, and puts long-term opportunity and stability at risk.

I Support TABOR

The Tax Payor Bill of Rights (TABOR) limits the amount of revenue the State of Colorado can retain and spend and requires voter approval for tax increases.

I support TABOR.

I Support Constitutional Judges

Frederick Douglass said that the Constitution full and complete, and no court, no congress, and no president could add or remove a single word; it is a great national enactment done by the people and can only be altered, amended, or added by the same.

I support judges who regard the Constitution as written.

I Support Small Business

As a Colorado businessman, I understand that when small businesses flourish, people and communities prosper.  I support making Colorado a state where life is better, richer, and fuller for everyone by promoting our founding principles and preserving the hopes and dreams of hard-working families and small businesses (the working class) of urban and rural Colorado.

"It’s time to change the narrative of who we are and for whom we fight.  It is time for a new face, a new voice one that speaks from the heart about our conservative values.

Our path to victory is simple; we must attract 18% more Hispanics and Unaffiliated voters to win in the 2022 General Election.  As proud Republicans, we must select the candidate best suited to attract Hispanics and Unaffiliated voters.

The values of the Hispanic community are conservative, I know how to communicate, engage with and win the Hispanic vote. I am one of them.

Unaffiliated voters want a strong leader, one that can solve problems with compassion and empathy. Someone who truly cares about people."

- Greg Lopez

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