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Why am I running?

As delegates and voters weigh whom to support at State Assembly, one question many of you are asking is why people are running. Are they running to serve or to be served? I’m running for Colorado’s future, not mine.

I believe that all Coloradans want to live their best lives freely and responsibly. Yet for the first time ever, the people in this state believe that they can’t. Folks on the left and right now feel that the system is stacked against them. Because it is. The so-called experts, lefty politicians, and corrupt media tell us how we must live. Good intentions or not, their leftist policies have enlarged the scope and control of government and squashed the freedoms and opportunities of individuals.

Resulting in:

  • A crime and drug epidemic.

  • Crushing rise in the cost of living.

  • Countless businesses are closed by regulations.

  • Declining education standards and parental rights.

  • Disarming citizens and defunding the police.

  • Canceling all who resist as racist conspiracy nuts.

Why is all this happening? Because Polis believes he's the boss. He has it backward. The people are the boss, not the governor. It’s time all of us come together to flip the power back to the people! To win we need a governor that’s one of us, for all of us. A servant leader in clear contrast to Jared Polis’s power-thirsty path to higher office. I am running to serve all of Colorado. Throughout my entire career in business and politics, I put people first. As a Christian, I strive to follow the leadership model of Jesus. He wasn’t a politician or religious. Quite the opposite. He was profoundly for the people. Especially the “othered”, outcast, and forgotten of his day. Jesus listened to people, served them, and loved them. He set the human standard for servant leadership: People over politics. This is the guiding principle of my campaign, and if I am so honored to be your governor, it will be what guides my administration. I humbly ask for your vote. Join me as we work to put people first and make Colorado the State of opportunity for all. Your servant, Greg Lopez

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