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What kind of experience matters?

Some folks are asking me if I really have the right experience to be the next Governor of Colorado. I think all experiences; success and failure both professional and personal prepare us in ways we can hardly imagine. As a 27-year-old disabled veteran of the US Air Force, concerned about some of the local issues, I could never have predicted that I would become the Mayor of Parker to solve some of those issues with the town leadership and residents. I then became a father and learned how to manage a family, even as a stay-at-home dad! I learned about patience and leadership and how to truly love and protect during that time. I grew a strong yearning to reenter the life of public service, but also had an independent streak that pulled me toward opening my own business with my wife, Lisa. So, we did both. We opened our business, and I began to serve on boards and quickly found myself elevated to leadership roles. I served as the president of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, I sat on the boards of numerous organizations including E470, Federal Executive Boards, Denver Regional Council of Governments, Arapahoe House, Metro Mayors Caucus, and served as the Director of Ace Scholarships. I have even started a second small business specializing in leadership and management training for small and large businesses. I also served as the Director of the Small Business Administration for the Denver region. This position revealed so much to me about the specific needs of small businesses in Colorado. All these experiences have made me into the person I am today, and yes, I believe that every one of these moments has uniquely prepared me to become your next Governor. A Governor who is both competent and cares deeply about the people of this state. I hope you will consider that when deciding whom you will choose to bring us back to the Colorado life you deserve.

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