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Will we be the party that blames or leads?

For us to win this November, we're not gonna win people over to our party until we first win people over to our principles.

The conservative principles we know empower individuals to create their own destinies and live their best Colorado life.

If we can come together, we will win together. We can flip Colorado right side up by LEADING.

✅ We can LEAD in taking social responsibility for helping those the most hurt by lefty policies. Because we believe that strong individuals create strong communities, we will champion the work of nonprofits, churches, and neighbors helping neighbors. Not as a handout, as President Reagan said, but as a “hand up”. And two of the strongest helping hands up are knowledge and hope. ✅ We can LEAD the nation in education freedom with school choice, charters, trade learning, and new technology that works for every student In this state. ✅ We can LEAD in small business opportunities – by removing all political barriers to starting and growing a business. Starting with the dismantling of DORA regulations. Imagine people free to create jobs, create opportunity, and create innovative new industries, right here in Colorado. It’s easy to cast blame for everything that's wrong. That's pretty easy to figure out. Instead, Colorado’s practical middle seeks leadership with winning ideas. They want practical solutions and vision. Leaders who ask the right questions and actually listen to The People for the answers. The question I ask every day is: how can we free up people to live their best lives? To be the best teachers, to be the best entrepreneurs, the best farmers, the best at whatever path we choose.

I see my job as Governor to help get the government out of the way! So people can “go confidently in the direction of our dreams… to live the life we have imagined”, as Henry David Thoreau would say.

And that starts today as we choose our path as a party.

Are we gonna be one that's stuck in the past with angry fists in the air, yelling at everything that's wrong? – Or – Are we gonna be the party with the vision? The kind of party that people actually want to go to? Not the one that says, “oh, I'm gonna stay home and wash my hair.”

Now is the time to choose. What kind of party are we gonna be?

I will lead our party and our state as one of us for all of us. Together, we can win over new voters and take Colorado in a new direction.

- Greg

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