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Greg Lopez takes the stage at the Hispanic Republican Colorado Gubernatorial forum

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Greg Lopez States a Clear Vision for all Coloradans

January, 27, 2022, Denver, CO – At the Hispanic Republican Colorado Gubernatorial forum with Kim Munson as mediator on Thursday, Greg Lopez was the candidate that presented a path forward for all Coloradans. He also reiterated that under no uncertain terms is the governors’ office a venue for on-the-job training.

Greg outlined an administration which understands that Colorado is made up of 64 counties that need the governor to address issues relevant to each of them. The Lopez administration will govern from the center out, not the top-down position, cutting down the heavy hand of regulations that obstruct Coloradans from living their best lives.

"The state does not work unless everybody is considered—from fields of the front range to majestic Mountains to the towering skyscrapers of our business corridors.” —Greg Lopez

The Lopez administration will address the plethora of concerns that face various communities who all call Colorado home. Greg is currently traveling the state listening to the challenges facing small businesses both urban and rural. He is standing with the many parents fighting federalization of their local school curriculums as well as consulting law enforcement about supporting the men and women in blue.

“Tonight, I was able to articulate my experience both as a former strong Mayor and the Director of the Small Business Administration as it pertains to the future of Colorado.” —Greg Lopez
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