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Greg Lopez emerges victorious from the Colorado Republican State Assembly

Colorado Springs, CO – At the GOP State Assembly, Greg Lopez was the candidate that scored a clear victory by presenting a path forward for all Coloradans. Lopez outlined an administration which understands that Colorado is made up of 64 counties that need the governor to address issues relevant to all of them. The Lopez Administration will govern from the center out, not the top-down, cutting down the heavy hand of regulations that obstruct Coloradans from living their best lives.

“The people of Colorado deserve a strong and compassionate governor who listens to all the diverse sectors that make up our awesome state. My administration will ensure that the citizenry's freedoms are protected by limiting the power of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and DORA” –Greg Lopez

Lopez also reiterated the importance of choosing an experienced candidate considering all the current issues pressing on the quality of life of the citizenry. Currently, Lopez is traveling the state listening to the challenges facing small businesses, both urban and rural. He is standing with the many parents fighting federalization of their local school curriculums as well as consulting law enforcement about supporting the men and women in blue.

“The Lopez Administration will work with the oil and gas industry to produce our own gas to reduce the energy costs for all Coloradans. The two-cent additional fee on every gallon of gas that is set to go into effect in January of 2023 will be delayed. And I will do everything in my power to see that never happens. I will fight to ensure that you keep more of your hard-earned money by removing all government fees and protecting the Taxpayers Bill of Rights” –Greg Lopez

Lopez added, “Today I was able to articulate my experience both as a former strong Mayor and the Director of the Small Business Administration as it pertains to the future of Colorado.” Through Lopez’s coalition-building experience in both these venues, he demonstrated that he possesses the skills it takes to be effective in the governorship role. “Under no uncertain terms is the governors’ office a venue for on-the-job training,” declared Lopez. Join the Fight to Save Colorado

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