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Greg Focuses on the Issues and Party Unification, Heidi Slings Mud

Denver, CO – As the gubernatorial candidates opened the Colorado Republican Rumble Debate at the Grizzly Rose, each stated they would support the Republican Nominee for Governor for the general election – a pledge first made by Greg Lopez publicly at the Foothills Republican Gubernatorial Forum on April 14.

During the debate, Lopez was asked by the moderator about recent media outlets implying Lopez is in favor of eliminating voting rights. That is false. In Silverton, CO, Lopez began a conversation on one possible solution for ending the decades of disenfranchisement of rural minority communities whose needs and interests are not represented under the gold dome.

The intention was to open a discussion about widening the umbrella of minority representation, to include geographic considerations for equity in legislation, by using the example of a system established by our founders, to address the exact same issue. This was good place to begin the conversation of providing fairness to all but was – by no means – an actual policy for his administration.

Each candidate was provided the opportunity to ask the other one question as part of the debate format. Lopez used this opportunity to reach for unity by asking Heidi Ganahl if she would consider being his Lieutenant Governor when he wins the primary. Ganahl avoided answering the question and pivoted to her intentions of winning the primary and general election.

For Ganahl’s question, she asked Lopez about a DOJ settlement in 2020 for violating conflict-of-interest rules (reference United States v. Lopez, 20-cv-02265-RM-NRN) where she erroneously accused Lopez of pleading guilty. Lopez corrected Ganahl that he settled the case that was filed against him just five days prior to the five-year statute of limitations. Lopez’s statement that he settled for $25,000 was in error. Lopez actually settled for $15,000.

“I was pleased with the outcome of the debate where I provided my stance on many critical issues Coloradans face and that my platform is about people over politics” Lopez stated, “I remain committed to my campaign focusing on Jared Polis’ failed policies and utter destruction of small businesses throughout Colorado, not other Republican candidates. I am making the case to the people for why they should hire me to work for them in defeating Polis, reversing his harmful policies, and restoring power back to the voters.”

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