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Governors Forum hosted by Douglas County Republican Women & Cherry Creek Republican Women

Governor Candidates' Forum and Debate, March 8th, 2022 hosted by Douglas County Republican Women & Cherry Creek Republican Women. Greg Lopez was joined by Heidi Ganahl and Danielle Neuschwanger.

Greg Lopez presented a clear path forward for all Coloradans. Greg answered the questions from experience, not hypothetical theory. The contrast of the candidates highlights the need for experience and the need for a coalition builder like Greg.

“The Governor's office is not an appropriate venue for on-the-job training. Tonight, I articulated the depth of my experience both as the former Mayor of Parker and former Director of the Colorado branch of the Small Business Administration to demonstrate how these roles prepared me to protect the future of Colorado.” –Greg Lopez

Greg was able to clearly outline an administration which understands that Colorado is made up of 64 counties that need the governor to address issues relevant to each one of them.

“Our state is diverse and our leadership must consider everyone —from the eastern plains to the majestic Mountains, from the towering skyscrapers of our business corridors to our inviting suburbs. No one can be forgotten.” –Greg Lopez

The forum revealed Greg Lopez as the GOP candidate who will protect the freedoms of Coloradans by being competent and accountable. “My platform presents a comprehensive approach forward including Educational Freedom, Economic Opportunity, Community Health, and Environmental Stewardship. With the servant leadership mentality as the driving force of my candidacy, this platform is designed to listen to the Will of the People instead of ruling from the top,” declared Greg.

To achieve these goals, Greg is currently traveling Colorado, to hear first-hand the challenges facing small businesses, schools, agriculture, and many other issues for cities, towns, and suburbs across the state to begin to formulate solutions.

“I am standing with parents who are resisting the federalization of their local school curriculum. I am consulting with law enforcement about supporting the men and women in blue. I am meeting with churches and other nonprofit organizations that deal with homelessness to find real solutions for those who are suffering. And I am meeting with Colorado ranchers and farmers to discuss vital issues, especially water, that threaten their ability to operate. Lastly, we will solve energy in Colorado. The solution is there, and Colorado deserves better.” –Greg Lopez

Our state needs a GOP candidate that will fight for all Coloradans -- join the movement!

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