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Can we save our schools?

Right now, the power to form our children is not in our hands, and efforts to undermine our values are being encouraged throughout Colorado.

This November, we are going to change that.

Our parents will have the freedom to pioneer personalized learning paths. Every dollar paid in taxes for schools will be available to every student in the district. This includes children who are in public schools, charter schools, parochial schools, private schools, and home school. Period.

Education is a very personal and significant choice in every household. Parents should have the benefit of utilizing the taxes they pay for education in a way that is appropriate for their children.

The one-solution-MUST-fit-all approach has failed our kids. It's time for an all-the-above approach: vouchers programs, new charter schools, trade learning options, financial literacy learning, new technology programs, and ensuring good pay for good teachers.

We will have a culture that puts parents in control when I am Governor. This is one example of how a Lopez administration prioritizes People over Politics.

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