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Can anyone really win against Jared Polis?

During the State Assembly, it will feel good to be surrounded by like-minded friends who share our beliefs. It can be electrifying to hear worn-out rah-rah red meat speeches.

But here’s the rub...

There are just 22.36% registered Republican voters in Colorado.

Let that sink in. Even if we nominate a candidate who can win ALL Republicans over, that alone won’t get it done.

We need a candidate who will take large blocks of voters in the Unaffiliated and Democrat demographics away from Polis. The same voters who have been most betrayed by Polis's policies and top-down leadership.

Greg Lopez is the only candidate who can do this.

The Colorado Secretary of State's Office released a report in February on registered voters for the state. It showed:

  • Total Registered Voters: 4,266,466

  • Republicans = 22.36%

  • Unaffiliated = 38.39%

  • Democrats = 25.10%

  • All Other Political Parties = 14.15%

Nominating Greg to the ballot will bring more voters needed to win up and down the ticket. He is the candidate who can connect with the Unaffiliated and Democrat voters’ values of keeping the most of their hard-earned money, getting the government out of the way of their small businesses so it will thrive, and restoring Colorado back to its healthy way of life. Greg is the servant leader for this moment. He has the experience, credentials, and pre-existing relationships with the business, labor, and minority communities throughout Colorado. Greg is the only candidate running for Colorado's future, not his. Please join us in support for Greg!

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