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Am I playing woke identity politics?

With my given attention to Hispanics and Unaffiliated voters, some have asked if I’m playing the woke identity politics card. In short, no.

You may have noticed that I look different than most Republican candidates. Yep, I’m Hispanic. I’ve been told that I’m a “Person Of Color”, or “POC” as they call it. While I am proud to be Hispanic, I define “POC” differently. It’s simple; “Person Of Colorado”. I am a Coloradan who believes every person in Colorado matters. And every one of us has been hurt by the divisive, lefty politics of Jared Polis.

It’s far time we take a stand against this destructive woke “equity” agenda that is destroying everything it touches: education, media, health care, sports, board rooms, and now our military. The so-called experts, lefty politicians, and corrupt media tell us that the Constitution and capitalism are racist. We-the-people are forever branded a victim or the oppressor. Any other ideas are considered misinformation, dangerous, racist, and conspiracies that must be canceled.

We must stand up and stand together.

It’s time we double down on the progress gained by the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr’s dream for a country where all are equal and judged only by the content of their character. Not divided by their race, gender, religion, or their


Let's put principles over politics.

Truth is, I wasn’t always a Republican. But I’ve always held conservative values. When I learned that Republicans believed as I did, my vote and party changed (and I did so in office as Mayor of Parker).

In a state where Republican voters account for only 22.36% against 38.39% Unaffiliated and 25.10% Democrats, we are going to need a lot of folks voting differently. It’s going to be our uniting, empowering conservative values that bring people in.

To win we need a governor that’s one of us, for all of us. A person who can listen and speak to Democrat and Unaffiliated voters. A servant leader in clear contrast to both Jared Polis and Republican politicians as usual.

It’s time all of us come together and flip the power back to the people!

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