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​Our mission is to make Colorado a state where life is better, richer, and fuller for everyone.


It’s time to change the narrative of who we are as a people, and whom we fight for. It is time for a new face, a new voice one that speaks from the heart about our life-empowering values.
Our path to victory is simple, we must attract 18% more Hispanics and Unaffiliated voters to win in the 2022 General Election. We must select the candidate best suited to attract Hispanics and Unaffiliated voters.
The values of the Hispanic community are conservative, I know how to communicate, engage with and win the Hispanic vote. I am one of them.

Unaffiliated voters want a strong leader, one that can solve problems with compassion and empathy. Someone who truly cares about people.

Colorado needs you!  For the sake of your family, friends, and neighbors.


Imagine a governor in Colorado with traditional American values who recognizes and celebrates the achievements and potential of Coloradans from every county, every generation, and every walk of life.  A governor who appreciates the fact that Colorado’s rich Western heritage and values are the cornerstones of what makes this state exceptional.


A governor who understands that when small businesses flourish, people and communities prosper.  A governor who embraces innovative, bipartisan solutions to the issues challenging our state, staying true to Colorado’s past while looking forward to the future. I believe that together we can make Colorado a state in which life is better, richer, and fuller for all Coloradans, where opportunity abounds and personal responsibility and achievement are rewarded.

We are seeing Colorado becoming “California’s ugly twin sister”.  Governor Polis is slowly chipping away at our freedoms and forcing his agenda – the same agenda that is ruining California – onto the citizens of Colorado.


Coloradans do not want our state to lose its unique identity and fall into the trap of the California mindset. In only eight short months, Governor Polis has signed into law multiple bills that are very similar, if not identical, to those in California.