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Public Health


I am sick and tired of the State Government claiming that everything they do is to protect the public health of the state.  This approach allows the bureaucrats to use the term “public health” like a badge of honor that needs to be  respected and feared.  A Lopez Administration will make sure that the public health aspect of the issues impacting the state are dealt with by the private sector not the Government and that we maintain a healthy balance on doing what is in the best interest of public health. 


Our current governor has proven that the State Government knows little to nothing about truly protecting the public health of the state and everything the state does just compounds the issue 10 times.  The current administration is a “problem observer not a problem solver” and because of that the only thing they know to do is just throw money at the problem hoping it will go away. 


My administration will not waste the People’s money on strategies and tactics that do not address the core problem of the issue. 


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