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The governor is the commander-in-chief of militia (military forces of the state – National Guard).  I will be responsible for the appointment of the Executive Director of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs which is a member of the Governor's Cabinet. 


The DMVA consists of the Colorado National Guard, the Division of Veterans Affairs, and the Colorado Wing of the Civil Air Patrol totaling more than 6,700 Soldiers, Airmen, State employees, and Volunteers. The Executive Director is responsible for the operation and management of readiness, fiscal, personnel, equipment, and real property resources of the Department, and ensures the training readiness of all personnel to accomplish both state and federal missions.


As a U.S. Airforce disabled veteran, I understand the mission and purpose of the state’s military forces.  The Lopez Administration will work to ensure that we adequately address the needs of Colorado veterans through both state and private organizations .  


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