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Local Government


I am the only candidate that has held both the Executive & Administrative position of a community at the same time, duties identical to the Governor. As a “Strong Mayor”(which means that I was both Mayor and City Manager at the same time) for the Town of Parker, I completely understand the challenges that local government experiences with unfunded mandates from the State government. I have firsthand experience on day-to-day operations of local government and how the Governor traditionally ignores local governments.  This will not happen under my administration. 


The goal of the Lopez Administration will be to allow cities, towns, and counties to make their own decisions without State government interference.  In my first 100 days, I will meet with the Metro Mayors Caucus and assure them that their voices matter and that I am available should they need to speak with me, or should they need assistance from the state on any challenges they may be facing. 


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