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Health Care and Health Insurance


The Lopez Administration will collaborate with different parts of the private sector to determine how to best reduce the cost of health care premiums, premiums for Medicare supplement plans and prescription drug costs. The high level of unemployment is putting a huge burden on an already overwhelmed rising medical costs.

It is time that we make health care providers more accountable, more efficient, more valuable, and more affordable. 


We have a health care crisis in Colorado, and no one is talking about it.  And it is not the number of Covid19 patients in the hospital -- it is the staff shortages that health care providers are experiencing that is the health care crisis that we should all be talking about. Not who is vaccinated and who is not vaccinated.


Our current governor has thrown gasoline on the fire of staffing shortages.  He is blinded by his internal desire to have all 5.8 million people in the state vaccinated.  His mandatory vaccine orders of all health care workers are intensifying the health care crisis.  Because of his mandate now hospitals are requiring their staff to get vaccinated, or they will be fired. 


My administration will reallocate COVID19 relief money to the health care providers by providing grants for them to hire additional nurses for the next 12 months, with the condition that they must stop the mandatory vaccine requirement of their employees and that they have a plan in place in 6 months to improve on their management practices, scheduling of shifts, and treating their employees like people and not robots which means not asking them to work 14 -16 hour shifts. 


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