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Colorado has abundant energy resources—from renewables: wind, solar, hydroelectricity, and geothermal; to fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, coal; along with uranium. The State of Colorado owns 2.8 million surface acres and over 4 million mineral estate acres, which are managed by the Colorado State Land Board (SLB). Leasing and royalty revenue from mineral and energy fuel activities on these lands are deposited into the state’s Public School Permanent Fund, which was created to help finance public primary education. 


The Colorado Energy Office is within the governor’s office. The governor has tremendous influence on how the various sources of energy are utilized within the state. The Lopez Administration will re-evaluate all programs and initiatives that were implemented by the governor and General Assembly to determine if they are balanced, fair and enhance the overall well-being of both local and state economies.  Because the Governor has launched a vicious unfounded and unyielding attack on the oil and gas industry, my administration, I will roll back his attack on oil and gas and ensure that the industry continues to operate and thrive in Colorado. 


As I work to rebuild the communities across the state that our current governor has targeted for elimination due to his dislike for their way of life,  I will be visiting with local community leaders to promote, protect and preserve their communities and their ways of life.  Numerous counties rely on the Severance Tax that is paid by the energy sector, and it is wrong to undermine the quality of life of the families that live in the communities of these counties. 


Funds collected through the Severance Tax are distributed through the School Finance Act to school districts on a per student basis. In FY16/17, the SLB received $94.9 million in mineral revenue. The revenues consisted of the following: oil and natural gas royalties and rentals, $65.9 million; coal, $6.7 million; minerals, $2.0 million; and other revenues, $20.3 million. 


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