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Elections & Redistricting


Elections and Redistricting have been poisoned by both major political parties to retain power and control. These issues should not be allowed to become politicized and controlled by the political elite; Colorado voters want and deserve fair elections. I have numerous concerns about the overall election integrity of Colorado elections.  The Lopez Administration will ensure that within the State any concerns with election integrity are addressed and are thoroughly investigated. 


My administration will issue an Executive Order that will direct the state agencies identified in SB19-235 to stop transferring records to the Secretary of State for the automatic voter registration of individuals.  It is wrong for the state government to force a citizen to register to vote; that is an individual choice that should not be infringed by the government. 


I am going to look as to why the Dominion voting system is part of elections here in Colorado, as well as the mail-in system we have in Colorado. It is imperative to election integrity that we remove non-citizens from the voter rolls. Everyone agrees that voter fraud occurs in every election such as finding out that dead voters voted. Why is it that some of the counties voting rolls have more registered voters than voting-age population?  


As I am not drinking the “Kool-Aid” that Colorado Elections are the “Gold Standard” and that we have no issues concerning the validity of our elections.  


Redistricting occurs every 10 years after the U.S. Census is completed. I want to remind all Colorado residents that it is your civic duty to participate or be aware of the redistricting process as this will affect your quality-of-life issues.  The fairness of the final redistricting maps lies in the hands of the Colorado Supreme Court, it is their responsibility to ensure that districts were drawn with a focus on communities of interest and political subdivisions, such as cities and counties, and then to maximize the number of competitive congressional seats to the extent possible. 


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