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Our current governor’s policies on education are teaching our children that America is the villain and that our values are unfair and immoral. He demands that personal choices of sexual lifestyle become part of the school curriculum in all 178 school districts, in 1,888 schools.  We now live in a state where over 53,000 teachers and 3,200 administrators are poisoning the minds of 905,000 public school students with extreme ideology. 


Critical thinking has been replaced with “Critical Race Theory”.  

Home economics have been replaced with putting condoms on fruit. 

Metal/Woodworking shop classes are replaced with gender studies.  


This is wrong and immoral. This ends with the Lopez Administration. My administration will reverse the “Dark Agenda of Governor Polis” to destroy and undermine the role of the public schools, the very institution which is responsible for keeping the basic promise of education which is to prepare students for either college or to enter the workforce.  The parents in the inner cities and rural Colorado know that the public schools and the curriculum the teachers are being forced to teach is failing our children. The current curriculum is producing functionally illiterate individuals. This is evident in the scores of even the simplest standardized tests of reading comprehension, writing and basic math skills. 


It is time for the educational system to reevaluate its course and develop a healthy conscience when teaching our children.  I will work with the State Board of Education to remember that it is their responsibility to keep the basic promise of education which is to prepare students for either college or to enter the workforce.  Our public schools should not be the petri dish for providing solutions to personal, social, and political problems. 


The parents of Colorado want School Choice and Vocational Training to be an integral part of the Colorado Education System and I agree.  The Lopez Administration is dedicated to working with parents in the best interest of their children.


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