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Courts and Judicial


Colorado is sectioned into 22 Judicial Districts encompassing all 64 counties.  I have heard numerous stories from individuals in all 64 counties that have expressed their frustration with the courts and how they have been ignored and mistreated.  


The governor is responsible for appointing Supreme Court judges, Court of Appeals judges, and district courts and county court judges.  I will select my appointments by reviewing evidence that clearly reflects their complete and true understanding of the “Rule of Law: legal predictability, continuity, and coherence; reasonable decisions made through publicly visible processes and based faithfully on the law. 


I am concerned that the Colorado Courts and Judicial system is not living up to its mission of providing fair and impartial justice.  I have firsthand experience in knowing what it feels like to have the courts and judicial system exercise its power in bullying people to accept unfounded accusations and turn a blind eye to providing fair and impartial justice.


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