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The Lopez Administration will remove the State Historical Society out of the Department of Higher Education and place it under the Department of Local Affairs where it belongs on day one.  The second thing my administration will do is enhance and promote Community College as an option to the 4-year institutions. Third, we will promote the 10K college degree into the state’s Higher Education institutions.


It is neither fair nor compassionate to deny high school graduating students from attending a higher level of education simply due to cost. The high cost of Higher Education is closing the door on too many high school graduates.  


A college degree is only one path an individual may choose to achieve the American Dream and experience upward mobility which is what all individuals aspire to.  For Higher Education to better serve Colorado they must go through a fundamental change. It is time that the cost of Higher Education focuses on enhancing both job-specific skills and soft real-world skills that can allow a graduate to contribute to society quickly.  To achieve this goal, we must have a balance of professors that have real-world experience with those that have spent their entire lives in academia.  


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