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Business and Economic Development


The Lopez Administration is going to instruct the director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade to reallocate funds within the budget to increase funding to the Colorado Small Business Development Program. In addition, my administration will work with the local U.S. Small Business Administration to ensure that the services they offer are available across the entire state. 


Small business is the heart and soul of our communities and with a stroke of a pen, Governor Polis shut down over 653,000 small business 99.5% of businesses across Colorado in 2020.  As the former U.S. Small Business Administration Colorado director, I can tell you that not only was that ill-advised, but it was reckless. I share with you that 30% of those businesses are gone and will never return. His action has had a devastating impact on the quality of lives of hard-working men and women in urban Colorado but more devastating in rural Colorado. The irresponsible actions of our current governor have destroyed the quality of lives of thousands of families. 


My wife and I are small business owners, and we know firsthand the many challenges that small business owners face every day.  Economic development is how local government improves the quality of life for all individuals within the community.  He unilaterally and intentionally undermined the quality of life of hundreds of thousands of individuals across the 64 counties of Colorado by closing small businesses while allowing big businesses to stay open in 2022.  A Lopez Administration will never close small businesses.


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