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Small Business

As Governor, I  will be looking for ways to make life fuller, richer, and better for everyone regardless of sex, age, zip code, or income level.  I strongly support and advocate for the success of small businesses in all 64 counties. Small businesses are the heart and soul of every community and the entrepreneur spirit is what makes Colorado great. 

I will work to create an environment where everyone can earn their success and where our state empowers rather than restrain people who seek to strike out on their own.  Imagine a state where small businesses are thriving in every community, creating jobs, and fostering the spirit of community.

I will eliminate the regulations and policies that are stifling the success of small businesses. I will veto any bill that suffocates the prosperity of our small business community.

I will not be the type of Governor that picks winners and losers or determines who is an essential worker and who is a non-essential worker. As far as I am concerned, we are all essential.

As the 44th Governor of Colorado, I will make sure that the Colorado Legislature does not pass any bills that are harmful to the small business community.  Without small businesses every main street in every community would be a ghost town and because of that I will never mandate or place restrictions on small businesses.

Colorado has over 653,639 small businesses, 99.5% of all Colorado Business, with over 1.1 million employees.  It is small businesses that create the most jobs in Colorado.  In the first year, I will sign an executive order that will outline that by 2028 the state will be spending 45% of all state expenses with Colorado small businesses.

I will work to increase the funding for the Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). The SBDC Network is a partnership between the State of Colorado, Colorado Office of Economic Development, and International Trade (OEDIT), the United States Small Business Administration (SBA), Colorado’s institutions of higher education, local economic development organizations, and local chambers of commerce.

Closing small businesses across the state in 2020 has devastated many communities.  Thirty percent (30%) of all businesses closed will never open again and those that remain open will never recoup the losses it had to endure in obeying the mandates and restrictions enforced upon them by the state.  

Due to the misguided actions of the Governor in 2020, Colorado saw the unemployment rate surge in 2020. In December 2019, the unemployment rate was 2.5 percent and it jumped to 8.4 percent in December of 2020.