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The Lopez Administration will protect the Colorado Ag industry, the powerhouse industries of rural Colorado.  I fully understand that the Colorado Ag industry is vital to the overall health of the state’s economy as well as the local economy, contributing approximately $47 billion each year and employing more than 195,000 people, not to mention international exports, which total around $2 billion annually. 


The “MEATOUT DAY” Proclamation signed by Governor Polis on March 20, 2021, was nothing more than a slap on the face to the farmers and ranchers of Colorado.  In the first 100 days, I am going to remove and replace Ellen Kessler from the State Board of Veterinary Medicine and replace her with someone that is better qualified to sit on the board.  I will appoint a Colorado Ag Commissioner that has a full understanding and knowledge of agriculture production. 


My administration will work with the State Board of Education to close the divide between rural and urban Colorado by encouraging a curriculum in our public schools that embraces the agricultural industry.  Our schools need to educate our children that the Colorado families that make a living on the 38,900 farms spread across 31.8 million acres are essential to the well-being of our state. Colorado's farmers and ranchers work tirelessly to produce food and commodities for both the state and the nation. 


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