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Agriculture Under a Lopez Administration

As Governor I understand that it is my job to promote, protect, and preserve the various economies and the different ways of life that make Colorado the great state that it is.  As Governor, I will never issue a “Proclamation” that undermines the livelihood of the families in rural Colorado.

A governor that recognizes that Agriculture provides abundant, nutritional products for consumers within the state and around the globe. Farmers and ranchers play a vital role in producing wholesome, safe food provided to consumers.

I will never appoint an individual to the state’s veterinary board that believes harvesting cattle for food production is tantamount to murder and milking cows is equivalent to sexual abuse.  It is evident that the Governor is systematically looking to destroy the cattle industry in Colorado just as he systematically destroyed the Oil and Gas Industry. His silence on the PAUSE Initiative (Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation) speaks volumes.

Agriculture is one of the largest contributors to the State’s economy, supporting more than 173,000 jobs in Colorado, generates more than $40 billion of economic activity annually, and exports over $2 billion of food and agricultural products.

Land in farms and ranches provides habitat for wildlife and open space, and innovative and sustainable farming practices ensure that our state’s resources will remain protected for generations to come. Farmers and ranchers are critical to Colorado agritourism, welcoming tourists from around the world and giving them a taste of the Colorado experience.

Farmers and ranchers are innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders who remain resilient in their dedication to Colorado agriculture.