The 2022 Colorado Election Process Road Map

Road Map design is currently under construction.
Please check back for updates and details.

Voter Questions & Answers

Q: Does Colorado permit online voter registration?
A: Yes.  You can click here to register to vote online.

Q: What is the residency requirement to vote?
A: Colorado law requires 22 days of residency in the state before a person may vote.

Q: Does Colorado use vote-by-mail systems?
A: Yes.  You can vote-by-mail for all elections.

Q: Can I still vote in person with all of the options?
A: Yes.  Voting in person requires presenting an acceptable form of identification. CRS 1-1-104(19.5)

Q: Does Colorado require proof of citizenship to register to vote?
A: No.  Colorado does not require proof of citizenship for voter registration.

Q: Can I register to vote on the day of the election?
A: Yes.  Colorado allows day-day registration for individuals who vote in person.

Q: When is the General Election for Governor?
A: Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  Polls are open for in-person voters between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM Mountain Time.

Q: Is there absentee and/or early voting?
A: As Colorado uses a vote-by-mail system exclusively, there is no need for explicit absentee or early voting procedures except for those who cannot or do not wish to vote by mail.

Q: Can convicted felons vote?
A: Yes.  Colorado only prohibits incarcerated felons from voting.  Those on parole, probation, or with unpaid restitution and fines regain their right to vote.

Q: Can unaffiliated voters vote in a primary election?
A: Yes.  Voters who register unaffiliated will receive ballots for both Republican and Democrat primary ballots.  They can choose to vote in either primary, not both.  People who send in both ballots will be automatically canceled and go uncounted.
CRS 1-7-201