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Image by Logan Bonjean

Greg is fighting to empower individuals to create a better future

Greg believes Colorado is not a conservative or liberal state. Coloradans are a prudent and temperate people who consider all angles and find innovative solutions that make sense for everyone. For too long we have been presented with a false dilemma between libertarian freedom and communal responsibility. We do not have to choose. We can have it all.
One of us for al of us


We put individual freedom above all else. It's the foundation of our great nation and it's at the core of Colorado's pioneering spirit. With it comes great responsibility.


We love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We take responsibility for our own choices and do what's right for ourselves, our community, and our environment.

Truth is, most of us are not obsessed with politics. Instead, we’re obsessed with living our best life. This is why we’re in Colorado, to begin with.  We are practical, not political people.  Until, the top-down political rulers begin to interfere with our pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

"The system isn’t broken. It’s just upside down.  We need to flip the power back. Put the people back in charge…  In charge of their own destiny. In charge of making the State they wish to see."

The Colorado Vision

Where every kid’s education matters.

Not a one-size-MUST-fit-all education system. Because every kid is different and learns differently. Rich or poor, city or country, we must secure equity in school choice - in where, how, and what our kids learn. 

Where Colorado small businesses can mind their own business.  

Not the academics and politicians who have never created a business telling us how to run our business. 

Where people are safe from crime.

Not overrun with record high crime resulting from the top-folk politicians who disarm people and defund our police while they sit in their secure homes and employ armed private security.

Where our forests are safe from fires.


Decades of neglect and talk of climate change have not protected us from fires ravaging our beautiful mountains every year. We must invest in technology for fighting fires, as we must invest more in prevention and conservation efforts.

Where good ideas win, not good connections. 

Let’s take the power back from the crony capitalist,  mega-corps, and lobbyists rigging the State to crush the competition. 

Where water is never in short supply.

We must ensure that we find a “balance” between Municipal, Industrial, and Agriculture use. We can not allow any of these uses to dominate or harm the other.

"I am pro-life. I believe in school choice, less regulation, protecting the 2nd amendment, affordable free-market healthcare, constitutional judges, less spending and smaller government through TABOR, enforcing our laws and protecting our borders, empowering the states.  I do not believe in sanctuary cities!" 

On The Issues

Greg believes in results over rhetoric. No pixie dust promises to win votes, Greg is reality-based.  Having served as "Strong Mayor" of Parker, Colorado he understands what is required and possible for a governor to actually do.


Below is Greg's take on the Legislative Council Staff issue briefs. They are the issues addressed by the General Assembly that Greg will provide servant leadership on as Colorado's next governor. 

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