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Greg is a servant leader running for Colorado’s future, not his.

  • Elected Mayor / City Manager of Parker, CO at age 27
  • Former Colorado Director of U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Former President of the Denver Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • A veteran of the United States Air Force
  • Small Business Owner
  • Married to Lisa for 34 years with two adult children
  • Lives in Elizabeth, Colorado


The story of Greg Lopez begins with a hard-working family in pursuit of the American Dream. The Lopez family did not have wealth or prestige, a father with a six-grade education who never truly learned how to read and write, and a mother with only a tenth-grade education. But they had a vision of a better life for their family and for their son, Greg.  


At 17, full of optimism and always a patriot, Greg joined the US Air Force. During his four years of military service, he met the love of his life, Lisa, they were married in 1988 and moved to Colorado. Greg has since devoted himself to public service and raised two children, with Lisa, who now proudly call Colorado their home. Today, Greg and Lisa live in Elizabeth, Colorado in Douglas County where they continue to serve their communities.


Greg Lopez knows what it takes to manage a family, a small business, and a government. Greg is ready to listen to the needs of the People of Colorado and execute a strategy as governor that will help all Coloradans reach their full potential and live their best Colorado life.

Greg's Story

Greg Lopez is a servant leader who is one of us for all of us. 

Greg’s executive style, demonstrated throughout his professional years, will give the Colorado people a voice in government. 


After his military service, Greg sought out a career where he listened to the needs and wants of his clients as a financial advisor to help them save for the future they envisioned. 


At 27, Greg won the Mayorship for the Town of Parker, which included the role of Town Administrator. At that time, Douglas County, where Parker is located, was one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States and Parker, the fastest growing town in the county.

His responsibilities as Parker Mayor included: managing town employees, police protection services, and governance with the Town Council. He led economic development efforts in Parker stimulating massive growth still enjoyed by Parker residents today. He expertly managed enormous population influx and provided smooth integration of infrastructure across departments and industries which resulted in a community that now appeals to families and small businesses from across the state as well as newcomers to Colorado.


​Following his mayoral term in Parker, Greg became the first Director of the ACE Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization that awards scholarships to students of low-income families to give them the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. This position reflects his dedication to making sure our next generation has even better opportunities, supporting a brighter future for Colorado.


Greg also served as the President and CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, President/CEO of the Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council, and Director of the United States Small Business Administration. He also served on numerous boards including Secretary and Treasurer of the E470 Highway Authority. Throughout the six years that Greg served as Director of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Colorado Office, he traveled the state and became the mouthpiece for Colorado small business. During his tenure, Greg is best known for setting a record at the SBA, issuing more than $600 million in loans to Colorado small businesses in 2013 alone.


Greg Lopez has dedicated his entire life, thus far, to the service of others. Greg’s career has spanned executive roles where he listened, observed, gathered information, and solved problems. Now he is ready to serve Colorado, as governor of Colorado, and solve our problems using all of the skills and knowledge that have ideally prepared him for this very role.



"I am pro-life. I believe in school choice, less regulation, protecting the 2nd amendment, affordable free-market healthcare, constitutional judges, less spending and smaller government through TABOR, enforcing our laws and protecting our borders, empowering the states.  I do not believe in sanctuary cities!"

Greg's Experience

A career of putting People first

United States Air Force, Disabled Veteran

Held a top security clearance, honorable discharge.  Proud to serve his country and committed to making sure veterans are treated with the respect and dignity they have earned protecting and defending the United States. Greg suffered 85% hearing loss in his right ear due to jet engine noise and working on the flight line. He was responsible for the security and arming procedures of nuclear and non-nuclear weapons for fighter aircraft.

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